PGS Gamble

Today, we made the decision to immediately PGS test our 2 recent embryos.

It was a gamble.

Unless this test returns 2 chromosomally normal embryos, the general consensus is we should do one last fresh cycle.

The end goal has always been 4 frozen, chromosomally normal embryos. 1 to risk with me, 2 for a gestational carrier, and 1 extra (just in case something doesn’t survive the thaw).

And let’s be honest, we’d like the chance of a baby boy in our future.

Statistically, we have 50% chance of getting 1 normal embryo. But we could get 2 bad ones, or 2 good ones.

It would of been cheaper to PGS test embryos from 2 IVF cycles that were batched, so this could backfire.

Professional IVF-er?

Am I a professional IVF-er?

I don’t know.  But it’s true that IVF cycles are certainly old hat for me now.    I see women embarking on their first IVF cycles, and I remember those times.    I was very naive then.

And in 2014, I will have three cycles under my belt before the end of July   This is the most I have ever completed in 1 year, let alone a 7 month period.

I guess you could say it’s go-time.   We are full speed ahead, because we are gearing up to stop.   I will not cycle in 2015.

My husband and I don’t discuss the details of our infertility journey with many people, however the handful that do know have complimented my tenacity and my sacrifice.  So I guess there is that to say about being a professional IVF-er.  I have demonstrated that I am tenacious and willing to sacrifice.

I will say this, 8IVFs (with 0 living babies) doesn’t feel like something to be proud of.


They found me how?

To the person who found this site via the search term “ganirelix poop,” can’t help ya there. Perhaps consult your doctor?

And you, yes you, who found this website via a search for “fucking doll side effects.”  REALLY?    Perhaps consult a therapist?

Besides the searches for “5ab embryo” or “5bb embryo” (WELL DONE PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY) there are also an inordinate # of people landing here after searching for the “side effects of fucking.”  Consult. Your. Doctor.