Hysterscopy and Polyp Removal

I want to post my experience with my hysterscopy and polyp removal mainly because before my surgery, I was looking for these types of personal experiences.

I think it’s important to note that I only had 1 polyp and it was very small.   I arrived in the surgery room at around 10:15am and was coming out of anesthesia at 11am.  Afterwards, the main pre-op nurse saw me, and said “That was QUICK!”   When I woke up in post-op, I had some aching and also what felt like heavy period cramps.  I was given Percaset, but they made me eat and drink something small first, so it wouldn’t upset my stomach.  I was home by 11:30, and that is only because we stopped to pick-up the worlds most fattening sandwich and a chocolate peanut butter brownie.  I figured I earned it.   5 hours post OP I  felt a little groggy.   There was also some slight bleeding the day of, but it stopped by evening.  Now, a day later I have some aching and discomfort but it’s nothing too painful.  I was told to take extra strength tylonol, so that’s what I am doing.