On with the show

Well my period arrived yesterday.  And tomorrow I go in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork.   With my doctor.  That is quite a lucky coincidence for me.  My doctor only does monitoring 2 days a week, and my baseline just happend to fall on one of those days.  I am so relieved.  

My second day of monitoring will be Saturday, and there is a great (female) doctor scheduled for weekend monitoring.    So far, so good.

If all looks ok, I will start stims, 375 Gonal-F and 75 Menopur, tomorrow or Thursday at 8pm.  It’s also back to Lovenox tomorrow.  It was a nice 4 day vacation from blood thinners.

Oh and my nurse told me to eat somthing small with my Doxycycline.  Thank god.  Doxycycline is a stomach destroyer.  Because really?  Any drug that is also used to prevent malaria means business.

3 thoughts on “On with the show

  1. Yay! I know it’s weird to be excited for AF to show, but so glad to hear she’s here for you and you can move on to your cycle. Glad you are feeling comfortable with the doctors you are working with and that they are accommodating you with the female doctor preference. I bet this time is just going to fly by for you!! Excited to hear some good news coming your way soon.

  2. It’s funny how IVF changes everything… one minute you’re praying NOT to start, because there’s that tiny glimmer of how that you might possibly be pregnant… and the next month you’re begging to see some hint that your period if coming. So happy you’re making progress- Onward and upward!

  3. From one compulsive list maker to another, I’m impressed by the organization of your plans & blog!

    Glad you enjoyed your massage. I feel like I’m overdue for one too. Luckily we saw today that the subchorionic hemorrhage has shrunk to half the size, so that’s a relief, but this is still stressful (not that I have to tell you anything about stress- good thing there are peanut butter brownies to help!)

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