Knock, knock, knockin’

Based on the numbers from my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, I would say I am knocking on the door of diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).  However, I’m 36.  Not 27.  I am just glad we are doing IVF in 2011.

I’ve decided to positive and deal with the right now.

My antral follicle count was 11.  My estridol was 43.8.  And my AMH was .46.  They forgot to test my FSH, but are going to back test it and give me the numbers on Saturday.

These are rather average numbers for my age of 36.  I summed it up to my husband with “while they aren’t dangerously low, they aren’t fantastic either.”

So to recap my appointment, door to door, it was a 2.5 hour process, due to traffic.  At 6:30am.  Just sayin’

In a rather shocked tone, my doctor said: “WOW your right ovary looks GREAT.”   Without missing a beat I responded with “Didn’t you say I have average ovaries for my age. Ahem?” She started laughing and said “you are killing me here, but I will admit I do say that often to my 43 year old patients who are consistently asking about their ovaries.”     But then she said “But your right ovary looks fantastic.  The left one is rather quiet though.”     Apparently, in May, my right ovary did not look as great as it did today.  Progress, people, progress.

As of yesterday at 8pm, I started 300 Gonal f and 75 Menopur.  They initially suggested 375 Gonal f, but since my right ovary joined the party, that number is less now.   The hubs is setting up (including mixing), and I am injecting.  The Gonal F was painless, so much in fact that I almost wondered if I even did it right.  The Menopur burned like holy hell.   I have 3, tender, red spots on my tummy, and what looks to be another fantastic Lovenox bruise forming.

My next monitoring appointment is Saturday, between 6-10am.  And since it’s halfway to our favorite cider mill, we are going to trek there afterwards, for cider donuts, and pies, and apples, oh my.   I believe I’ll count this as my indulgance of the Satur(day).

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  1. Hey, I am going through IVF#1 right now as well! I started my injections with Menopur on Tuesday!! Crazy!!!

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