Tracking IVF #1

There’s been no serious discussion on how long I will stim for. However,  I am trying to get a general idea (below) of when my embryo retrieval could be.   Today is day 5 of stims.  I go for my second ultrasound tomorrow.  The results of Saturday’s ultrasound and bloodwork (after 3 days of stims) were better than expected.   It’s obvious my “old” ovaries are surprising my doctors at every turn.  My E2 went from 43 to 178, and I had 4 small follicles on the left and 7 on the right (with 2 dominant ones at 11 and 12).

Unfortunately, the stims are making me very lightheaded.  Although, my doctor did not feel this was normal, the Gonal F website lists it as a possible side effect, so who knows.   What I do know is that they are knocking me on my butt.

Wednesday, 9/28 Day 1 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
AFC: 3 on the left, 7 on the right / E2: 48
Thursday, 9/29 Day 2 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Friday, 9/30 Day 3 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Saturday, 10/1 Day 4 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
4 Follicles on the Left, 7 on the Right (2 @ 11mm)
E2: 178
Sunday, 10/2 Day 5 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Monday, 10/3 Day 6 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
8 Follicles on the Left (2 @ 10/11mm, 6 below 10mm)
12 on the Right (3 @ 15mm, 2 @ 13mm, 7 below 10mm)
E2: ? / Lining: 10.10
Tuesday, 10/4 Day 7 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
Wednesday, 10/5 Day 8 of Stims, 150IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
4 Follicles on the Left (2 @ 11-12mm, 2 below 10mm)
10ish on the Right (1 @ 18mm, 1 @ 17mm, 4 @ 15-16mm,
3 @ 13 and a few below 10mm)
E2: 752 / Lining: ?
Thursday, 10/6 Ovidrel Trigger Shot @ 10PM
9 Mature Follicles Today
E2:  1001
Saturday, 10/8 Day 11:  13 Mature Eggs Retrieved, 9 Fertilized with ICSI
1 Chromosomally Normal, 5AB Blast on Day 6

2 thoughts on “Tracking IVF #1

  1. You and me both! I’m on Day 9 of stims, so a few days ahead of you. We’ve discussed my progress and how things are going, but I have no idea when I will trigger. Hopefully, we’ll both figure out our schedule soon!

  2. Looks like your lining is perfect! And the follicles are really starting to go! I bet you only stim for another 4 days or so before you trigger? I don’t know! I’m so excited for you! I think everything is looking really good so far! Sorry for your lightheadedness, but hopefully it won’t last much longer. Thinking of you!

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