Body Fog

So while the needles don’t bother me.  The side effects from the IVF meds have been knocking me flat.  If I am not lightheaded, I feel like I have the flu.  Plus, I am exhausted.  Most of the time it’s all three.

We are discussing converting this to an all frozen cycle.  Although, no decisions have been made yet, it will depend on numerous things.  First, we would like to see how I recover from the stimulation medications and the ER.  Second, for someone with my clotting factors, it may make sense to get the hormones out of my body, give it a rest, and then attempt a transfer at a later time. And last, the number of eggs we get that fertilize well and grow to quality blast matters significantly.  If we get very few quality blasts, everything will be frozen, and we will probably PGD 2 sets, after a second fresh IVF cycle.     Clearly there is a lot up in the air.

Since we are scheduled for day 5 PGD with a possible day 6 fresh transfer, we’ve always had a 50/50 chance of the clinic converting this IVF to a freeze all cycle anyway. The stars (mainly my uterus and the rate at which the embryos grow) have to align for a day 6 fresh transfer.

Prior to IVF, I was starting to picture myself, and our lives, with a baby.  However this process has been taxing, and I am, right now, fairly detached.  And tired.  So so tired.  Perhaps I need to step back a bit and gain a little perspective?  Or, maybe my body and brain need to unfog from all these drugs?