Grow follicles, grow.

I will most likely trigger tomorrow, and there is small chance it will be pushed to Friday, for a Saturday or Sunday egg retrieval.   They’ve upp’ed my Menopur to 150IU  tonight, and a quick Google search shows me that Menopur stimulates and matures follicles.  Right now, I have a slew of follies that need maturing so bring on the Menopur. Here are my current stats:

Right Ovary: 1 @ 18, 1 @ 17, 4 @ 15-16, 3 @ 13, and 1 (or a few more) less than 10
Left Ovary: 2 @ 12 and 2 under 10
E2: 752
Lining: 10.4

While I know there are potentially 4-5 follicle growing days till my ER, I’m still worrying.    It’s an irrational too, as my follicles have grown significantly over the past 5 days.  However, I’m short on sleep, and on stims I feel like I have a lightheaded flu.   Egg count is the first hurdle, then it’s mature egg count, then fertilized egg count, then quality embryo count, then PGD’ed embryo count.  We need a decent number of quality eggs to start, because each step in this process will knock a few out of the game.   It’s an understatement to say this is a truly nerve wracking process.

I am curious to learn if the hubs sperm count has changed since he cut back on alcohol and started a new vitamin regime 3+ months ago.

Incidentally, a male doctor will be doing my retrieval this weekend, and I specifically sought him out today for my ultrasound monitoring.   And wouldn’t ya know it, he was a lot more gentle with the ultrasound wand than the 3 female doctors I have seen prior.   I was also comfortable with him.  Overall I still prefer female doctors for my nether regions, but I went out of my comfort zone today, and it was OK.