Exceeded Expectations

Yesterday, my husband and I did quite a bit of fist bumping.  Our numbers exceeded our clincs expectations for us.

13 eggs were retrieved, all were mature, and 9 were fertilized.  

Me?  I was just overwhelmingly relieved.    I still am.    These numbers are the culmination of 6+ months of mental, physical, and frankly, financial upheaval.

Now we wait till Thursday to find out how many blasts can be PGD’ed. 

There’s more to say about the ER process and our plans moving forward, but I have yet to wrap my head around that post.


5 thoughts on “Exceeded Expectations

  1. How awesome are you, you egg-making machine?! Great fertilization numbers! I know firsthand how long that wait is. We find out tomorrow about our Day 5 survivors. I’ll say a little prayer that Thursday comes quickly for you!

    • I read your post on the PGD board. Don’t worry about venting or being emotional. This IS an emotional time. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your embabies too 🙂 xoxo.

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