PGD Results


After my embryo retrieval, my husband and I kept calling our little crew “the Paul 9.” Today, after we spoke about the PGD results, he sent me a text that said “1 Paulette.”

After losing the bulk of our embryos, my biggest fear was that lone surviver would be chromosomally abnormal.    That would of further added to the theory that we simply cannot produce quality embryos.  I am relieved.   And I have hope.


3 thoughts on “PGD Results

  1. Yay! 1 little normal girl embaby! That’s all it takes is one really good embryo for a healthy baby, so I will be praying that this is your baby! Will you guys still be freezing and doing another ER before you do an ET? Thinking of you and so happy you got a healthy little embryo.

  2. love ‘1 paulette’!!!!!
    yayayay! how wonderfully exciting! still following and always thinking of you … hugs, dear!

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