Trying to Rally

It’s quite possible that I will be starting stims again next week. 

While the embryo we have on ice is cromosomally normal, it’s not a well graded embryo.   And if we transfer that 1 embryo, and it fails, we relinquish our spot in the PGD banking program.   That isn’t financially feasible for us. 

I wish there was more time to regroup, but there are a max of 3 cycle slots left for me this year, and 2 of them do not fit our schedule, or the clinics.     Either way, the results of IVF #2 will be frozen, and we will not attempt a transfer till 2012. 

So my doctor is working out my next protocol (a microdose lupron flare, she thinks), and the clinic is processing the paperwork.  And I’m waiting for my period to arrive.   And drinking an Old Fashioned.