Woah and then Decison Made…

Holy crap.  I just started spotting.

Fairly certain I cannot start a Microdose Lupron protocol on Sunday, when I don’t have any microdose lupron.

Edited to add:  We made the decision to not call our clinic on Saturday to inform them of my period arriving.    Before starting a new cycle, we want to have our wtf appointment with the doctor.   And in fact, she has been at a conference and has not yet defined my new protocol.  So I would of had to call the emergency line on a Saturday, they would of had to locate her, and she would of had to design my new protocol within the hour.   Not to mention, I do not have all my meds, and as of Friday, the insurance portion of this has not been completed yet.   This, and my body, is far too important to start a new rushed cycle on Sunday that has very little thought and organization behind it.   We will wait a month.