Round 2

Yesterday, we had a face to face appointment with our RE to discuss our first IVF and the protocol for the 2nd.  

After having a few weeks to reflect, I cannot honestly say my first IVF cycle was a complete bust.  Based on my age, and my baseline numbers, we (and the doctor) expected to end up with 3-4 blasts..  And while we only ended up with 1, it was a high rated, chromosomally normal blast.  

While these results aren’t ideal, they are also not a bust.

Nonetheless, 7 of my embryos looked fine on day 3-4, and died before day 5. Those embryos did not have have a lot of fragmentation or clouding, so that’s worrisome.  She said my ovaries acted like that of a 38 year old woman. I am 36. That was (and is) difficult to swallow.

So we need a new plan moving foward, and that is the Microdose Lupron Flare protocol.  Change is important here.  I see no point in following the exact same steps as my first IVF when it did not yeild ideal results.  My doctor said there are a small percentage of women who do not respond well to the antagonist medications.  I know so much of this is trial and error, so I hope I was having an off month the first time and didn’t respond well to the antagonist (Ganirelix).

I discussed my concerns about the Microdose Lupron Flare Protocol with my doctor, specifically about the additional LH from the Menopur. She acknowledged that during a flare cycle your body does “flare it’s own LH.” She told me that Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM uses the MDL and even though it seems like a pure FSH protocol would yield better results, all their numbers indicate that a LH/FSH mix works better for 95% of their patients. I asked if they would monitor my LH throughout my IVF and she said yes. I had monitoring and bloodwork 6 out of 10 days of my last cycle, so as long as they are monitoring my LH levels, I am OK trying the MDL.


4 thoughts on “Round 2

  1. I am so glad that you and your RE are on the same page for this cycle! I think it’s a great idea to change what didn’t work ideally. Fingers crossed that the MDL protocol will give you more normal embryos to bank and test!

  2. Hello there!

    I am also going to be doing the MDL protocol with my next IVF. Why are you wanting them to check your LH levels? Just wondering if its something I should ask about. What stim meds will you be on? I’ll be on Menopur and Bravelle.. I’d love to hear anything else you have learned about the MDL protocol.


  3. Good luck to you. I am going to be heading back to discuss the possibility of IVF #2. Today’s bad news is still a little too fresh, but I’m definitely wanting another chance to get this right.

  4. Hello Melanie,

    There are some doctors who feel too much LH during an IVF cycle can negatively impact egg/embryo quality. In a MDL, your body flares it’s own LH, so I was concerned that the use of Menopur (which is LH and FSH) in my MDL cycle (where I am already producing natural LH)would could negatively impact my eggs and egg quality. I will also be on Gonal F, but that is pure fsh. Good luck with your cycle!

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