CD1 Funk

Today is cycle day 1.  I go in tomorrow for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork and then we are off and running on round 2.

I know that I should be greatful for this opportunity at IVF #2, but I am struggling to feel that way. My body responds to stimulation drugs with some really significant side effects, in fact, I fell over twice from dizziness (and bruised myself) during my first go around.  IVF is just not something I can muster up much excitement about.    I keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time and that it is for a good cause.  However,  there are so many unknowns and up and downs and the emotional toll is almost overwhelming and we are just starting, again.

Not to mention, I will be doing 5 shots a day too.  FIVE.   This would of been a lot easier if I had gotten a few more blasts last time (bitter here? yup, still am).

Quite a positive, feel good post today huh?  To wrap it up, I must say my expectations for IVF #2 are pretty low, so there is no where to go but up, right?


2 thoughts on “CD1 Funk

  1. Fingers crossed! I am absolutely terrified for round two. Totally understand the funk you’re in.

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