What the F is wrong with me?

Within just hours of injecting stims, I am dizzy and lightheaded?  Really?

I read all these accounts of people saying “the medications didn’t bother me at all.”

What the fuck is wrong with me?


3 thoughts on “What the F is wrong with me?

  1. Hang in there girl! I got horrible anxiety attacks while on the meds which made me feel like I was stroking out. I even went to the neurologist because I was so freaked out and he said the fluctuations of estrogen and hormones in general can cause people to feel weird. It was so scary. I hope you start to feeling better.

  2. Don’t feel bad. I felt dizzy after three days of being back on the pill. I was like what the hell?! I’ve been on these for nearly half my life, surely my body should know what’s up! Isn’t this fun?

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