Grow, dammit, grow.

My E2 levels climbed significantly between Saturday and Monday (today) so things are moving in the right direction.

Apparently there were some differing opinions at my clinic about whether I would trigger tonight or not, so they brought in one of the senior doctors to make the call (I wish I knew who, but I don’t). It was decided I would stim again tonight, because there are at a minimum of 3 more follicles that could make it to ER if we wait a night. I am 99% sure I will trigger tomorrow night with an ER of Thursday.

So 3 more days for these follies to grow.  Grow, dammit, grow.

All signs say I will not get as many eggs from the MDL protocol as I did with the antagonist, so the question is really about quality. Will this cycle get me a few more blasts?