Well my body is responding differently to the MDL protocol:  it’s growing fewer follicles, but growing those fewer follies at the same rate as IVF #1.  So, am I over surpressed with microdose lupron?  Does my body hate all this LH?   And, does it matter if there are less eggs if more make it to blast this time?    It’s clearly too soon to know.  And I’m more apathetic than disappointed.  Or maybe I am just numb? 

After 6 days of stims my E levels are pretty low and I only have 6ish follicles over 12, although one is at 21 (it was at 15 two days ago).  The doctor this morning at monitoring (who btw, should not be allowed to wield an ultrasound wand) was talking about triggering me tonight.  I am fairly certain my doctor will not follow this suggestion and push it an extra day or 2, but you never know.   I read somewhere that you cannot make quality eggs on just 8 days of stims, I wonder if that’s true? 

Of course, at this point in my last cycle, everything was going fantastically and I had a lot of false hope.   I’d rather go into ER with managed expectations.



3 thoughts on “Eh

  1. I don’t even know what to say- I hate that this cycle isn’t going quite the way you’d hoped. It just stinks. I’m praying that these follicles hold wonderful eggs, that make wonderful embryos, that all make it to blast. It’s time for something to go your way. **hugs**

  2. I hope this cycle is it for you! I know you have a terrible time with stims… for me it’s the 2 days after ER that are just miserable for me. I always end up on 11 days of stims, so I hope that’s not the case for you.

    MDL was a total bust for me, so I really, really hope it’s better for you. I’m looking for a second opinion, because my RE thinks the next cycle we should move to Antagonist protocol and I feel like we’re just playing merry-go-round with the protocols and hoping it works.

  3. I am hoping and praying that less is more for you this time around! I hope the quality is amazing and you get your beautiful blasts. Keep us updated and hang in there! THinking of you.

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