To Cancel or Not to Cancel?

This mornings monitoring only showed 4 strong follicles. Afterwards, the hubs and I spoke about it, and we left a msg with the nurse asking if we should cancel this IVF attempt. She called back and said there are “potentally 4-6 follicles.” But really, do we move forward with those #s? We don’t have unlimited tries here.

There seem to be less follicles as the cycle progresses, or there’s been some serious miscommunication.  One thing I do know, it’s clear my body produces significantly less follicles on the MDL.

Edited to add:  Based on my E levels (at 1150) and the fact that they saw 5 strong follicles this morning, they want me to trigger tonight and proceed with ER on Thursday morning. We are honestly torn. As I explained to my nurse, this is a very costly decision for us. Either way we trigger tonight and tomorrow I will see my actual doctor at morning monitoring. DH is coming with me, and we plan to discuss this face to face with her.


One thought on “To Cancel or Not to Cancel?

  1. I understand what you are going through. We started out with about 8 or 9 and then the last monitoring appointment there was only 5 and they also discovered the polyp. So we went back and forth with the doctor about whether to cancel or not. We went ahead with it and ended up with 3 embryos.
    Whatever you decide know that you are making the right decision for you. Hang in there!!

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