There *is* a plan

And while there is a plan, I’m just very detached from it.

I will say that when we met with the RE back in December, we were very clear that we required thoughtful and significant change moving forward.  She agreed.

She (and we) decided to postpone any decisions until our case could be discussed at the next ALL doctor meeting.  Lets face it,  20 heads are better than 1, and there are some real bigwigs in this practice, so it took 2 months to get them all in the same room.   So discussions were had, ideas were bandied about, and we were labeled “challenging.” Our new path isn’t a “standard” for our clinic, however it is tailored to our needs, and I am so so thankful they took our case seriously and set aside time to truly consider a route forward that could possibly help us.

Some people have asked me if all the waiting has been difficult, and honestly I can say no.  I prefer we do everything we can to get this right. 

I don’t think there is a specific name for this protocol, so I am just calling it a modified antagonist, that will include growth hormones and steroids. There have been numerous studies recently that suggest these two additions have helped couples that have our specific issue, which is decent quantities of embryos yet 99% don’t make it to blast.

A few other things “outside the box,” my RE prescribed DHEA and CO-Q10, diet and accupuncture.  These are not things they suggest for regular patients.  I guess you could say we are leaving no stone unturned.   Or is this the kitchen sink protocol?    I’m sure I could find additional cliches.

We also did karotype blood tests.  Results forthcoming.

So, we are scheduled for IVF Cycle #3  (motherfuck #3, pardon me for a moment, while I bang my head on my desk) in March or April.

Of course, I’d rather not do another cycle. I want to transfer our 1 normal, have it stick, have an easy-ish pregnancy and be done with this.

But that is a very foolish route to take.


4 thoughts on “There *is* a plan

  1. I’m so glad that you have a plan. And it’s awesome that your clinic is working with you to ensure the best possible outcome for this cycle! Hopefully, your karyotypes will both be normal- it’s nice to be normal sometimes. 🙂

  2. Taylor- so happy to hear there’s a new plan in place, a renewed sense of hope. I know this journey is not for the weak, so I commend you for moving forward. I’m always here for you girl! You know where to find me. HUGS!!!! Xoxo, Princess

  3. So glad to hear there’s a plan. I know it always makes me feel better to have one, so I hope the same holds true for you. I love the “outside the box” ideas you posted. I might have to try some of them.

  4. I’ll be starting IVF Cycle #2 soon. My RE has also recommended DHEA and Growth Hormone. My RE doesn’t really have an opinion about CoQ10 but I’d like to take it. I’m wondering what dosage (and brand?) your RE recommended. Anyway, if you are interested in a little email exchange, I’d be interested to hear more about your next cycle plans.

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