My April/May IVF #3 will mark our 1 year anniversary of infertility treatments.   And the 2+ year mark of trying to conceive. 



2 thoughts on “Noted.

  1. Some anniversary dates are fun to celebrate (wedding, employment- if you like your job and/or it’s attached to a bonus, etc.)

    Some are not.

    But I think it’s nice to acknowledge in some way even the ones that you don’t want to “celebrate”. If it’s something on your mind, you might as do something meaningful to mark the milestone. Maybe you can burn a copy of “What to Expect when you are expecting”. (If I lived close enough I’d volunteer my copy for the cause- I’m not a fan of that book, obviously). Or, if you want it to be more positive, maybe you can make a small donation to charity, or plant “forget me nots”, or buy something that represents your baby dreams.

    You can follow up the bonfire or shopping trip or other ceremony with another peanut butter brownie. You deserve some sweetness. Hang in there, my friend.

  2. Hugs to you. We entered the two year mark a couple months ago and thanks to round two failing on Valentine’s Day, that will be a fun anniversary of sorts. Sucks. I like some of the ideas the previous post writes! Hang in there. It will be a good spring!

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