Here it comes..

IVF #3 is around the corner and I have very little expectation that it will go well.   I’d like to say I am apathetic, but in reality I am very upset that I have to endure the process again.    I feel guilty for feeling this way, as I know people who wish they could afford IVF.  Nonetheless, it is how I feel.   There has been so much heartache with this process, and as the day draws nearer, I find myself close to (if not) in tears often.    

Also my stats indicate that a boatload of people are visiting this blog.   Clearly, I’ve had nothing to say recently.   So, uh, hi?


3 thoughts on “Here it comes..

  1. I am also getting ready for round 3. Wish there were words I could say to help you feel better. But I am here to listen (to read) and I can say I understand. Great luck to you!!!

  2. I’ve been checking in on you. 🙂 Totally get it. I get excited to move to the next round and then in the weeks before, I get all down and weirded out by it. It’s so hard. It’s gotta be your turn!

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