Her life, My life

So my BFF is pregnant. 

She casually let me know that she and her husband only had sex once last month and she’s angry at him for “knocking her up.”  

How kind of her to relate these details to me.

Coincidentally, IVF #3, with growth hormones, starts in less than 2 weeks and on the anniversary due date of my baby that never was.

3 thoughts on “Her life, My life

  1. Sometimes people don’t even think about the effect of their sharing will have on others; hurts the most when it’s people we care about. Sorry you had to hear that. Hoping you have an amazing IVF 3 with happy results!!

  2. Ugh, this sucks. Almost this exact thing happened to me except my friend kept telling me “how proud” her husband was for knocking her up on one try. I finally just asked her if that meant my husband should be ashamed for not being able to knock me up for years of trying? Some people have no sympathy. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this while also going through the emotional rollercoaster of yet another IVF.

    You are in my thoughts. I hope you get amazing embryos from IVF #3.

  3. Not knowing your friend, I’d guess she was trying to downplay the pregnancy. Sometimes people think they are being empathetic by focusing on the negative (not good timing, discomforts of pregnancy, etc.) It doesn’t usually come off they way they hope, but if she has no frame of reference to know what WOULD be helpful to say, that might explain the comments.

    Or, maybe it just was thoughtless. Either way, I’m sorry.

    Tender thoughts for the baby you lost.

    I’ll be praying this cycle goes well.

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