And so it goes…

My numbers at baseline were fine, and actually the same as they were in December.  My FSH and LH are still just in the normal range.  My AFC is always 11.  So my 3-4 month break, and  turning the ripe old age of 37, did not hurt me. 

I had this fleeting hope that if we 86’ed the Menopur, I would lose the side effects this cycle.  That hasn’t been the case.   I am down for the count and feel simply miserable.

Speaking of bagging the Menopur, there was a last minute swap to low dose HCG late last week.  There were hours of discussions with both my doctor and the pharmacy, and then it was a mad dash to get the meds here in time.     All is now setup in our mobile pharmacy, and IVF #3 is underway.


2 thoughts on “And so it goes…

  1. Why no Menopur? Just curious since it’s what was added to our second protocol and as we consider our third, I’m not sure what they’ll suggest. Good luck to you!!

    • Hey lady 🙂 I have a lot of friends that were successful on low dose hcg, and since at this point in our process (ie, we have had very little to no success) there was nothing to lose by making the switch. My doctor did not feel strongly either way for either medicine, so change was made.

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