Extraordinary Care

According to my friends, I will, by choice, stalk my doctor for monitoring and ultrasound.   Our clinic has a handful of satellite offices, and I will travel to any location if my doctor is monitoring there that day.  I then have a handful of secondary doctors I prefer and I will go whatever distance is necessary to see them for monitoring.   As a sidebar, I get very ornery on the weekends when the doctor choice for monitoring are slim pickins.  Like tomorrow…

So, It’s unfortunate that the end of my stim cycle has fallen on a weekend.  Today, after monitoring, my husband and I both grew concerned when the weekend nurse called with instructions issued by a doctor we have never met.  A very competent, senior doctor, but someone who has not been in the IVF trenches with us for 12 months.  This is generally how our clinic is run, and they are very successful, but our “challenging” IVF journey isn’t the norm for them either.  We made the decision to e-mail our doctor and voice our concerns immediately on the assumption that she would not read the e-mail until Monday, and at that point the damage of dosage tweaking and too early triggering would be too late to reverse.   To our surprise (but in hindsight, not really) she called us within an hour, logged into the database, reviewed my ultrasounds and bloodwork, changed one of the instructions, left notes in our file, and addressed our concerns.   She then informed me that she will be reviewing everything tomorrow and I should expect another call from her.  I was so touched by the effort, I started tearing up.  Fucking hormones.

Holy crap.  She’s an extraordinary doctor.   I have not preached this on my blog, but I do shout it from the rooftops on our clinics message board.      And after trolling the wide wide interwebs infertility world, I know what we have found with our doctor is unique.   I only wish I could somehow return the favor.   She told me last week that when I get knocked up, I will leave her, and she hopes we can meet for dinner.  I hope so too, on both accounts.