Bottomed Out

My doctor just called and the news was not good.  My estrogen has stalled at a low, low number.  I am are triggering tonight and we are expecting very few eggs.  Please kindly spare me the it only takes one comments.   I had 9 mature eggs last time that yielded exactly 0 embryos.

Edited to add: Even on the antagonist, my estrogen jumped 250 points over night. This is quite a relief. Sadly, my follicle count is still low (for me). This is an exhausting, unforgiving process.

4 thoughts on “Bottomed Out

  1. ugh. i am so so sorry that the news is not better… i will hold out hope for you.


  2. shit 😦 I’m so sorry for this news. That really sucks.

    I hope it turns out better than you think and you end up with some good quality embryos. Wish I had some magic words to send you, but I’ll just say I’m thinking of you.

  3. I am sorry too. I totally understand that even the most well-intentioned comments can still cut like a knife. There just aren’t the right words sometimes. I will hold out hope as well.

  4. Sending you lots of hugs Taylor, wish it was better news, but I’ll remain hopeful for the best outcome. Thinking of you!

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