What is Normal? It’s Bittersweet.

We received our PGD results back and added another chromosomally normal embryo to our tiny stock in the freezer.   When my doctor called with the results, I broke down into happy tears at my office.   While many people would think 2 embryos equals a poor showing, my husband and I are overwhelmed and amazed to just have 2.  It really is relative.

The better of the 2,  a hatching 6BA embryo was chromosomally abnormal.    If we had not done genetic testing, we would have transferred that 6BA hatching embryo.  Thank god we did PGD.

Yesterday, I looked around and realized that 90% of the woman I began this journey with are either pregnant, about to deliver or have newborn babies.  And I’m the pathetic one who is excited about having 2 embryos frozen.    It is a very lonely and painful headspace to be in.

I will be cycling again in June.  Same protocol.  Same bat channel.  But first we are going to spend 7 days putting around the British Virgin Islands.     A well earned break before the madness begins again.


8 thoughts on “What is Normal? It’s Bittersweet.

  1. Congrats on the two embryos! It must feel very lonely to see so many bloggy friends cross to the other side! But you are certainly not alone in the trenches!
    I was on the BVIs a couple of summers ago! Enjoy it! If you make it to Virgin Gorda, don’t miss the snorkeling at The Baths!

  2. I am so happy for you! You do deserve a nice vacation. I second that the Baths at Virgin Gorda are absolutely amazing. One of the best trips I have taken. Enjoy 🙂

  3. Honey, you are NOT alone! I am “technically” pregnant but have been tainted with methatrexate and miscarried my other embryo a few weeks ago. SO I GET IT! This is my 9th pregnancy and no baby!!! Keep forging forward. We are warriors and try not to compare yourself to others! We all write our own story! xo

  4. This is good news i know in the past few days we all go to see all the other BFPs but it will be our turn soon, you are so strong so enjoy your vacations and start again in June! Good luck for everything, v.

  5. What great news that little Paulette has someone to keep her company!
    I like greyreport’s thought “we all write our own story”.

  6. Hooray for 2, and a much needed vacation! You both deserve this and I cannot wait to cheer you on again soon! xoxo!

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