The Pain in My Arse

I was pretty cocky after my first PEO shot in the buttski.  There was no lingering pain at all.  Sitting was fine and I was strutting around going “I wonder what all the fuss is about?”

We had followed the advice from my friends regarding the administration of the progesterone, with ice to the area, inject, massage the area, then apply heat.

For day 2, we followed the same routine and…

Fast forward to this morning and when I attempted to roll over in bed and I screeched in pain. Shortly thereafter, my acupuncturist rubbed the same spot and I screamed so loud there was a response that I could be scaring her other patients.

So yeah.  The progesterone in ethyl oleate is kicking my ass.  Literally.

If I get knocked up there will be 7+ more weeks of this, which is fine really, because the ends here justify the means.   However, today as I was strewn out across the acupuncture table with needles poking into my flab, I had a bone deep feeling the transfer was going to fail.

I hate that I cannot seem to be positive about this process, but I just cannot seem to find that headspace, at all.

2 thoughts on “The Pain in My Arse

  1. I know that everyone is different, but icing the area before the injection always lead to a lump and a very sore butt. We switched to the following routine, and I was actually *almost* pain free for the 12 weeks of shots: Lie on heating pad for 10 minutes to pre-heat the muscle. Massage well after injection. Lie on heating pad for 10 minutes to further help distribute the oil. We had a few sore lumps, but they were rare.

    My theory is that you are injecting into a well-marinated rump roast, instead of a frozen hunk of meat, which just seems easier. I hope the injections get a little easier from here on out, and you are right. They will DEFINITELY be worth it! I’ll be positive for you- you don’t have to have that strength right now. It’s been a shitty road thus far.

  2. It’s also been three years for us, so I understand the headspace. Basically, we folks who have been wrestling with IF have PTSD… that’s my theory, anyway. Our default setting is to expect disaster. I’m 10 1/2 weeks along, and hoping I’ll relax at some point… but so far, it’s just one milestone at a time.

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