Minor Meltdown, Nothing Trivial

I’d be lying if I said I was not freaking out right now.   I am calm, but I am worried sick.

This morning, my lining was at a 10.6 and I was given the green light for transfer. Tomorrow.

Cue the tears… on and off, for 3+ hours now.   Thankfully (?) It has yet to escalate into snot sobbing.

It has just been a long 3+ year journey to get to this exact moment AND I assume (hope) the damn Estrace is making me hyper emotional too?

4 thoughts on “Minor Meltdown, Nothing Trivial

  1. This is a completely appropriate moment to freak out. Every minute of the last 3 years has lead to this! Congratulations on an awesome lining- it sounds like the perfect landing place for a gorgeous, chromosomally normal embryo. Praying for a smooth transfer tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, you are here, and yes PEO/ PIO’s are a pain in the arse! Not sure if you are still on BCC but I had my transfer last Tuesday, RE gave me 4 embies ’cause I’m old, so today is 7dpt. No symptoms, other than the usual, hungry, bloated and can bite someone’s head off or burst into tears at any and every moment (chalk’n that up to the Estrace) but no AF yet either. Too scared to POAS but I bought a box of the most sensitive ept out there this morning, I just stare at it every time I go into my bathroom…sigh. Oh and please check out the last BCC thread we joined, MelC had her transfer today another maybe Thursday and everyone else is well into their stims, so the more support the better. Anyway my first beta is Monday so just hanging out in the mental torture of the 2ww, you hang in there too! Showers of sticky bean baby dust!!!

  3. Im very excited for you and hope/pray this will be your journey to motherhood. Hugs to you and best of luck!

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