Milestone Number 1 (of Many)

I am going to talk about (very early) pregnancy so if you’d like further details, please click the “continue reading” button:

My first beta at 10dp6dt (10 days past a 6 day transfer) was 128.   We had been seeing progressively darker lines on home pregnancy tests since 5dp6dt.  Early Wednesday morning I also experienced some fairly light implantation bleeding, just old blood on the toilet paper, maybe a few drops max.  Symptoms wise I have been extremely thirsty, peening a ton, hungry, tired, and the girls are a bit tender.  Some of these symptoms can be attributed to the progesterone though.

There are so many milestones till you have a take home baby (and I am a woman with significant clotting disorders), so the bulk of what I am feeling is cautious and worried. However, we have been fighting the infertility monster for 3+ years, with 15 months at the RE, so there is a measured feeling of relief.

Next up is my second beta, on Monday. Also on Monday, I will call my OB, MFM, and hematologist. I am going to do everything I can to make sure this little guy stays in for the next 9+ months.

20 thoughts on “Milestone Number 1 (of Many)

    • 🙂 🙂 I cried at your BFP too. We started with our first IVF in October and it’s about time we are both knocked up!

  1. I’m beyond elated, words could never describe how happy I am for you! Early congratulations girlie. I will pray beta #2 is a strong # and the next 9 months is an uneventful one! yay!

  2. Congratulations!
    I think you’ve past TWO big pregnancy milestones:
    + pregnancy test &
    finding out baby’s gender.
    What a long road it’s been to get to this point. I am SO THRILLED for you guys!

    • THANK YOU MY FRIEND. We need to talk. I am freaking out because my first MFM appointment is at 6w4d and honestly I am really not sure I am on the right dosage of Lovenox. I was waiting for my OB or MFM to recommend a new hematologist but I don’t see him for two weeks. Thoughts?

      • I was on 40 mL once a day, which is fairly standard. It’s good you plan to have your Anti-factor Xa levels checked. I didn’t ever see a hematologist since so many women on lovenox ladies board were frustrated with theirs. My MFM was the one I listened to more than OB as far as anticoagulation goes.

      • So wait, where did you have the Anti Xa drawn? I guess I was under the (mistaken) impression that the hematologist would be involved with that. It would be wonderful if my MFM would be instead.

  3. So beyond happy for you! I really had everything crossed for you – this wait has been such a long one.

    • Thanks so much! It was a quiet announcement I suppose. It is all too surreal and unbelievable to shout from the rooftops (yet!)

  4. Oh, I’ve just had some tears of joy falling for you when I read this today. I am so incredibly happy that you’ve gotten this good news. I pray that today’s beta comes back good and high and that you can start looking forward to an ultrasound. My thoughts and prayers are with you that this will be the beginning of a very happy journey.

    • Thanks Sarra! It’s about time right? We started this process together in September 2011! I had tears of joy when you got your BFP too! I hope all is going well with your little man. Keep in touch, please. When you don’t update, I worry 🙂

  5. OMG I am so excited to read your post!!! I am crossing EVERYTHING I have for a fabulous beta today. Big hugs and loads and loads of good thoughts.

    • Thanks lady! I so so appreciate it. I hope all is well with you and those little buggers you have in utero?

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