Second Beta Results

My second beta was 292. Huge, fat tears are rolling down my face right now as I type this. Relief tears.

According to the interwebs and my RE’s office, my doubling time was perfect, at 36.48 hours. My nurse felt I did not need a 3rd beta, but she said I could schedule one if I wanted. I am going to have a think on that and decide tomorrow.

Up next:
Ultrasound with RE, Appt with New Hematologist, First Appointment with the MFM, Anti-Xa Bloodwork, Another Ultrasound with the RE, and my First OB Appointment.

Full speed ahead.

Edited to add: I am going to do a separate page with photographs of the embryo we transferred as well as photos of my sexy pee sticks. I think this will be helpful as after my ET and before my beta I stalked the internet looking for photos of these things. From that process, one thing I learned is that there are very few photos of hatching or fully hatched blasts out there. This worried me to the point that I asked my doctor if, based on my photo, there was something wrong with my embryo. She said “no, it’s a 5BB fully hatched blast and you need to chill the F out.” I never did get the answer if it had become a 6BB (6 because it was fully hatched). But hey, that’s moot, because the little bugger stuck.

17 thoughts on “Second Beta Results

  1. So happy for you! Great number!!! My RE’s office did 4 betas, but everyone is different. I did like having more than 2…so nice to see the number jump again. Can’t wait to see more of your updates coming!

  2. This is thrilling and so encouraging. I’ll be thinking of you as head toward the next milestones.

  3. Awesome-er and awesome-er!! I only had two betas as well, and my blasts were fully hatched and hatching when they were transferred. My clinic only grades up to 5, but the hatched blast became a 5 once it was fully out of its shell, so I bet yours was really a 6BB! This is so exciting!!!

  4. Woohooo!!!! Did Dr M really tell you to chill the fuck out? In those words? I love it! She’s the best. Looking forward to your pictures. I cannot WAIT for my transfer, I’m so freaking excited. It’s hard to not to get ahead of myself. I have serious baby fever today. SO damn excited for you!

    • Ha, ha, she pretty much said the exact thing, without the f word. And then she yelled at me for going to Cape May because it “sucks and is too far away.” Apparently LBI is “closer and much better.” This was all because I delayed my beta by a day or 2 and she was angry “I was making HER wait.” I LOVE HER. Deep breathes on your transfer, and remember even if just one sticks, it’s wonderful.

  5. That’s fantastic Taylor! Yes no more beta gremlins, relax and enjoy your sticky bean! I can’t wait too see the u/s!

  6. I am so happy for you! Where have I been that I missed all of this! I completely understand your feelings towards everything. I remember crying when I found out I was pregnant because all I thought was “Here we go again. When will I miscarry this one.” I know those are horrible thoughts, but that was my reality. The day of my first ultrasound, I cried all morning. I was so pessimistic. Just know that you are not alone! I will be thinking about you tons and praying for that perfect blast!

      • Yes! Sorry! I finally updated my blog. Still trying to figure out being a mom and having any time to do anything else 🙂 Well worth it though! So happy for you!

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