The Week of August 6

Things here are very dark right now. I have never seen my husband cry the way he has this week. In fact, in the 20 years we have been together, I only saw him this upset one other time. I am so worried about him. I’m no picnic either, on Tuesday night I snot sobbed to the point of dry heaving and then I got a bloody nose.

It is difficult to find hope moving forward when your body miscarries a chromosomally normal embryo, after polyp removal, after treating clotting issues, and after an endometrial biopsy.

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages both here, and on various online communities. It’s humbling to know so many people were cheering for us. I hope you can forgive me for not getting back to everyone individually, but please know I am genuinely touched and honored by your kindness.


2 thoughts on “The Week of August 6

  1. Hugs Taylor, so, so many hugs. HUGS!!!! I’m still feeling so crushed for you and I’m hoping they can find you some answers as to why this happened. I know you are so on top of your medical care, and I’m sure if there are answers to get, you’ll get them. I’m assuming you’ll be following up with the hematologist, and I hope they are also doing some testing from your D&C. There are rare errors with their CCS testing – in an recent study by RMA there were 4 cases where aneuploidy was missed. I don’t even “know” you, but I really care and am sending you my love.

  2. I’m just so sorry. I can relate to how hard it is to loose a baby. But I can only imagine how much harder it would be after all you’ve been through leading up to the pregnancy.

    I think you’re an admirable mother. And I wish your little angel was still growing.

    It is hard for fathers too, like you point out. As helpless as I felt, I think my husband felt that even more so. He really appreciated whenever someone would ask him how HE was doing because acknowledgements of his losses didn’t come too often.

    I’ve sure been thinking about you a lot. I’m so sad for you guys.

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