The Issues

We met with Dr. Braverman last week.  We initially had an appointment 6 weeks from the day we called, however a cancelled appointment opened up.  It was a long day, 7 hours door to door, and there was a lot of information to process.

To  sum it up, we have a lot of issues, and we are testing for a few more:

1.  My husbands 0-1% morphology could be a significant contributor to why we lose so many embryos on day 5 and 6.   He is going to do a sperm DNA fragmentation test, and if the numbers are bad, he will start various medicines.  He will do supplements either way.

2.  My clinic suggested a possible reason for the miscarriage was a “an energy issue at the  cellular/mitochondrial level.”  I honestly feel this is their generic answer when there is a failure with a CCS tested embryo. However,  Dr. Braverman did not rule this out, but did say it’s hard to diagnose.  I am going to be taking new supplements to improve this along with CO-Q10.  This could also be a significant contributor to why we have gotten so few quality embryos during our IVF cycles.

3. A doppler test indicated restricted blood flow to my uterus.  A very important piece of (treatable) information to know prior to transfer, no?  I questioned my current RE about it and she said they are “planning to start this testing in the next few months.”    Mind you, this is testing that is part of the normal CCRM workup.

4. During my pregnancy, my lovenox dosage was too low, as indicated by my anti-Xa test.  This may have been caught too late.    Clotting factors at play.

5.  I could have immune issues, natural killer cells, etc.   I am having the bloodwork for this next week.

6.  My husband and I could have HLA matches, i.e. our genetic makeup could be too similar, and  therefore my body is rejecting our babies.  We are also having bloodwork to test this next week.  I honestly don’t think this is our problem.  I think our problems are 1-4, with a dash of #5.

So there it is.   We both liked Dr. Braverman.  He was very knowledgeable, yet personable.  He offered us cost saving options, and ruled out a lot of different repeat testing.  Having said that, his hourly rate is insanely expensive.  Vomit in your mouth, expensive.  Our test results should be back in mid-September, and we will be meeting with him again shortly there after.  We are not even thinking about another transfer.  Our first goal is to improve upon the above issues, so that in December, we can cycle again (probably at our current clinic with some rogue input from Dr. B) with better results.

Also, my beta HCG level is back to zero.   It took me 17 months at my infertility clinic to get pregnant, and only 2 weeks to get unpregnant.

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  1. Hey Taylor, I’m with you girl. We relocated back home two weeks ago, already feel like two months and squeezed in a four hour appt. with new RE. She is starting us at square one as although AMA may not have been a prior issue now, three years later, certainly is. Oh and she found through all my previous RE’s, three now, that I have chronic endometritis, a BIG factor in why none of the four embryo’s we transferred in June did not implant. Anyhoo, been on antibiotics and DH goes for a new SCSA next week. Will have another HSG with her and she recommends PGD testing on all embryos, sigh. Well at least we have a package (2 fresh, 2 frozen) option we did not get from any clinic in St. Louis. Earliest we can cycle is October, and the beat goes on…

  2. This still kills me how so many things are pointed out after the fact, yet sound like they could have been looked at or tested before going thru all this pain. I’m glad you got some thorough answers and attention though. I’m sure you have more healing to do so I widh you well as you look to December.

  3. I’m also concerned about low uterine blood flow. I don’t have an RE that has a machine to measure this so I’m in the dark. I too lost my chromosomally normal baby at 8 weeks and we never got any answers. You wrote about how you had low blood flow to the uterus and it is correctable. Can you provide more information as to how one goes about correctiving this if possible? I have a FET in three weeks and started up acupuncture again and will go twice a week. I also have vaginal viagra that I will take 4x/day from the start of my FET to transfer in hopes of helping with blood flow. Just want some other ideas if you are aware of other way to improve this. I am so sorry that you had your loss and am really sorry that anyone had to go through what I’ve experienced. I’m glad you’re able to do some additional testing and can rule out/in things.

  4. I forget- do you take low dose aspirin in addition to the lovenox? What dose of lovenox does Dr. Braverman recommend for you, or does it all depend on an early Anti-Xa test?
    I know lots of women swear that Braverman’s thoroughness is the reason they were finally able to have a baby to hold.

    • I read your next post & want to apologize for these questions.
      We’ve messaged each other about lovenox doses b/f, so that’s why I was curious. I wasn’t asking for myself or as medical advice… But you are absolutely right that this is not the time or forum for specifics.

      I’m really sorry.
      I so hope you find answers as to why you lost your precious baby boy.

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