Dr. Braverman Recommends?

I have received so many messages and e-mails asking about Dr. Braveman’s recommendations with regards to supplements, restricted blood flow to the uterus, how he treats low morphology, and etc.  I am surprised at how many inquiries there have been when we only saw him just last week. And we only lost our baby 3 weeks ago.

I know firsthand that as infertility piles up, so does the fear and desperation.  I also understand that many of you are suffering and worried and are searching for answers.   I am also searching for these answers.  I am also suffering.   I just lost a chromosomally normal baby and I am worrying that I will never have a child of my own.   That is why we sought out Dr. Braverman and are depleting our funds (he is 100% out of pocket for us) and hoping beyond hope that we will finally get some answers.

I encourage each and every one of you to contact Dr. Braverman or a similar doctor (I have listed a few below) and have a plan tailored to your individual needs.    Our plan (which isn’t even fully formed yet, as we just completed the immunology testing today, and our follow-up appointment is scheduled for late September) from Dr. Braverman is targeted to our specific set of issues.   I am not a doctor.  I don’t feel qualified to tell people what to do with regards to reproductive immunology and the sheer amount of inquires are really stressing me out.

Here is a list of reproductive immunologists, with one on each coast, and one in the middle.  If you suspect you have immune issues or issues outside what a normal RE will treat, I hope you will seek out answers too:

Dr Braverman, NY – (516) 584-8712

Dr. Kwak Kim, Chicago – (847) 578-3233

The Alan E. Beer Center, CA – (408) 365-9500


14 thoughts on “Dr. Braverman Recommends?

  1. Wow Taylor, I am in disbelief that people are so insensitive to your loss. I know you hold a wealth of information and you’re always willing to help others, but shame on those who fail to recognize you are mourning a very hard loss of your baby boy.

    To those of you reading this, I may sound harsh but I feel very strongly about this. We “infertiles” protect each other. Please recognize it takes days weeks months and even years to move on from a loss.

    Proceed with compassion.

    Hugs T.


  2. I’m really terribly sorry and appreciate the post and I’m sorry you even had to write it. A lesson learned and I’m sorry you even had to teach it. You really handled this post with as much grace and class as possible and you didn’t even have to be so kind. I’m going to go back to lurking for now and keep you in my thoughts.

    • Marie, it’s fine, really. Thank you for the kind comment though. I sent you an email last week, did you get it?

      • I did and thank you for the reply. That was very kind of you and I appreciated it so much. I didn’t want to reply so I could just give you your space because I knew this wasn’t about me but for what you lost. I want you to know that I will not take lightly the honor it is to be able to be here to read your journey. You don’t have to share anything with us but I am honored that you are and so long as you are willing, I will continue to come back and support you with my thoughts.

  3. So you’re actually getting requests to ask your doctor about other people’s situations? Wow. Do your own homework, people! So sorry.

    • People are struggling with infertility and loses and they are looking for answers. I get it, I really do, because that is where I was (and am). But to ask me questions about his treatment ideas (that we are paying a fortune for) when I am freshly grieving, well that is hard to parse. ANYHOO, how are you doing?

      • Yeah, I’m so sorry you’re going through all that. I’m still in limbo and not getting any better at dealing with it. Still doing acupuncture and DHEA which I’m really thinking are helping since my follicle count was crazy-better last time. Fingers crossed that they’re still there next week and that my estrogen is now cooperating so I can get this show on the road already!

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