Step Off

I’ve felt so incredibly alone since my miscarriage.  It’s very difficult to explain because I have the most extraordinary friends in my real life (trying) to support me.

And it’s impossible for me, at this point, to feel a connection to so many of the women I have met online.  The bottom line is, the bulk of them are either pregnant, or have had babies, and I’m a have not who is still crying, daily.  It’s very isolating.

For the first time since my miscarriage, I will be stepping out of my comfort bubble next week.  I feel (gently) bullied but, I will support one of those extraordinary friends at a talk show and I’m attending an evening event in NYC for her as well.   Big steps for someone who would still rather hide her head.

Oh and, one last thing…  I’ve read some comments that my situation has been difficult for some women to stomach in their pregnant state.  To this, allow me to remind you of two things:   I did not ask to miscarry (I mean, REALLY, after years of trying to conceive followed by years of treatments?) AND this is my space to post my feelings.  If it upsets you so much, don’t fucking read it?  Ok?  Ok.


6 thoughts on “Step Off

  1. That’s right Taylor, this is your blog about you.Go support your friend, go to NYC and hold your head up girl!

  2. I know that my comments may not be welcome here since I have had my babies, but seriously? People have had the balls to tell you that your misfortune is hard for THEM to deal with?! I wholeheartedly agree- they can royally fuck off. In the nicest way possible, of course. We wouldn’t want to upset their delicate pregnant sensibilities. I am proud of you for getting out and supporting a friend. I know how much it sucks when all you want to do is crawl within yourself and hide out.

  3. Hey Taylor, just writing to check in and say hi. I’ve been following your posts to keep up on how you are doing. It really makes me sad/mad that some people would post such insensitive comments on and about YOUR blog. You have every right to be irate about that. Thinking lots of good thoughts for you and wishing you and DH well.

  4. I am sorry but who the HELL said something rude to you about your miscarriage? Because I will cut a bitch. You can talk to me. I am not pregnant, I am still struggling with the same feelings.

  5. I hope everything goes well in NYC! Miscarriages sucks – I’ve had 5 – and I’m not sure I’ve ever really healed from them. The pain dulls over time, but there are days when I am a miserable wreck :-(. Take your time and feel how you feel! Hugs

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