The results are in from our testing with Dr. Braverman.

My husband has significant sperm DNA fragmentation.   Significant.   I feel very cheated by my RE, who told us ICSI would bypass his sperm issues.   Based on our 3 crappy IVF cycles and oh so much heartbreak, it hasn’t.   This is main reason that we’ve made so few blasts, despite a decent number of eggs.

We also have 6HLA matches. S-I-X.  To over simplify (and quite poorly at that), we are too genetically similar. This is the top reason my body rejected a perfectly normal embryo. That and the clotting factors.

There is a lot of information about HLA genetics, but the brief version is this: if a man and woman have similar genetics (something that occurs by chance in nature), the mother’s body may not receive the proper message about protecting her baby. Instead, her immune system will mistake the embryo for a foreign invader and attack it as though it is a cancer or virus. An amazing thing normally happens when a woman’s body carries a baby — her immune system recognizes that baby as something to protect, and produces blocking antibodies to keep it safe from her own natural killer cells. But if, on the cellular level, she and her mate have similar tissue proteins, her body cannot make the distinction between her child and a germ.

More tomorrow.  Today was a very difficult day that I just chased down with a full bottle of wine.

4 thoughts on “Results

  1. When we did testing after our last loss we prayed we’d get answers. After finding ovarian cysts which prohibit adequate progesterone production, a 7cm uterine fibroid, & getting multiple abnormal results on the coagulation panel, we thought “Ok we got some answers maybe we should start praying that they now STOP finding things that are wrong with me…”

    I’m glad you are getting answers.
    I’m sorry your challenges are especially daunting.
    Glad you are in the best of care w/ Dr. Braverman. I can’t tell you how much I hope the treatments work for you guys.

  2. My heart breaks for you. I sincerely hope that you found some clarity at the bottom of your bottle, and that the future brings you your much-deserved baby. (hugs)

  3. Not sure what to say exactly but the only thing that comes to mind specifically is that I am deeply sorry you received these results. I’ll leave it at that.

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