It just occurred to me that I went in for day 3 #’s, but didn’t ask what they were. All I know is that they were “fine.” They had me repeat the progesterone draw and then asked me if I was taking DHEA (which I am). Ok then.

We are gearing up to write the IVF clinic some big checks, but we are waiting till the last possible minute. I am trying to find some Lovenox and Gonal F still. I do have some donated meds coming my way (thank you thank you thank you) which has offset the costs some, but the expense of IVF is still outrageous.

Also, Dr. Braverman suggested my husband take Clomid, and he said he’d be happy to prescribe it, but has since reneged. It’s been an absolute headache trying to get Clomid and since IVF is approaching, we are running out of time.