Well Hello, Lupron

6 IVFs since 2011 and I’ve never tried Lupron.  Times are a changin’ as it’s now on deck for IVF #7.  As is a completely new protocol.  And a new doctor.  At a new clinic.

The worst that can happen is we get 0 blasts again, but let’s be honest here, we are very experienced in cycles that result in 0 blasts.

After reviewing our history (it’s a novel really) and sitting with our new doctor, he didn’t pull any punches.  He said we have issues from all sides of the infertility spectrum and we cannot realistically expect high blast counts.

This was not news to us, but I am glad he didn’t try to sell us the world.

He also said he’s seen many couples like us, and he was genuinely surprised we didn’t look more defeated.    I told him if he had seen me after my miscarriage, he would of felt differently,

Prior to IVF #7 in March, we are going to take a quick, cheap vacation.    I am exhausted.