The Cycle That Wasn’t

I had 10-12 even follicles growing.  On a brand new protocol.  At a brand new clinic.   And they offered PICSI.      I did 30+ days of shots.    I spent months prepping.

And… I ovulated early. Before egg retrieval.  I was told there is a 1% chance of this.   I cannot catch a break.

They found 3 eggs in the smaller follicles, and only 2 were mature.    I missed that phone call Saturday AM, as I was sleeping.     I did not talk to the nurse till Sunday (mother’s day) and she was fairly snotty to me.   She had no idea I ovulated early.  She knew nothing of my history.   I’ve had 3/7 IVF cycles that yielded zero embryos.    Is it so hard to know your audience?