Professional IVF-er?

Am I a professional IVF-er?

I don’t know.  But it’s true that IVF cycles are certainly old hat for me now.    I see women embarking on their first IVF cycles, and I remember those times.    I was very naive then.

And in 2014, I will have three cycles under my belt before the end of July   This is the most I have ever completed in 1 year, let alone a 7 month period.

I guess you could say it’s go-time.   We are full speed ahead, because we are gearing up to stop.   I will not cycle in 2015.

My husband and I don’t discuss the details of our infertility journey with many people, however the handful that do know have complimented my tenacity and my sacrifice.  So I guess there is that to say about being a professional IVF-er.  I have demonstrated that I am tenacious and willing to sacrifice.

I will say this, 8IVFs (with 0 living babies) doesn’t feel like something to be proud of.



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  1. That last line is like a punch to the throat as a reader. I can only imagine how it feels to be its author. I am so sorry.

    I actually hate being applauded for my resilience in this area of my life. It would be so much saner and easier and gentler, kinder, less expensive to give up. And it may yet come to that.

    Thinking of and cheering you on. I hope this time truly is the charm, with all my heart.

    • Do you guys have a timeline for being able to afford the GC? I’m sorry this has been such a tortuous path but hoping your banking cycles will ultimately bring bab(ies) home

      • We’ve been so busy chasing embryos I’d say there isn’t a clear cut timeframe, but it won’t be in 2014. I’ve had a few friends offer (some more serious than others), however my husband would prefer to use an agency. If we could get 2 more normals, I’d probably risk a transfer into me. There is more data now (vs. 2 years ago) backing some of the HLA match treatments, however there is some concern about that particular avenue and my clotting factors.

  2. I am so sorry for what you have gone through and I hope this cycle goes well.
    Forgive me if I have missed the answer to this, but I was wondering why you have not transferred the two embryos that are listed as frozen? Very best wishes.

    • I miscarried a PGS normal. My husband and I then learned we have 6HLA matches. The treatment for this is controversial. We are banking embryos while we save for a GC.

  3. From the view of 7 IVFs (0 live babies) I can say, no, not proud per se, but it’s definitely a badge of courage…made of thick sinewy scar tissue. As I head into more banking cycles (IVFs 8 & 9) I feel, like, totally fine–desensitized–and in that way the badge is nice.

    • I often refer to my bruises, both physical and mental, and what the hell, financial, as battle scars. I will be watching your next 2 cycles with interest, my friend.

  4. I always read what you have today on the BBC thread! I want to say that I kind of understand and feel a bit close to your journey ( hope it doesn’t sound weird), I konw I have not being through a journey like yours,,but we are the same age and still TTC #1. I hope, wish and pray this is the cycle for you! That you get your THB babies! B
    God bless you and your husband and your frosties!

  5. Taylor you’re a very smart woman and going about things in the most logical way possible. I know sometimes it gets frustrating when people point out how strong you are when you feel like your bleeding inside, but I really think you’re keeping your eyes on the prize and doing everything you can to maximize your chances. You have a plan A and a plan B and you’re going at it full force. To me it sounds logical that it will pay off either through you carrying or a gc. Few women could endure what you’re doing. And I understand it’s like why do you get to be the “lucky” one? You’re giving this everything you’ve got.

    • Thank you Becca, this note made me tear up. I have been trying to approach this process with as much logic as I can. Sometimes I succeed. 😉

  6. Hey there,

    A few questions with kind thanks for your offer to answer. Did it take 6 weeks for your HLA matching results to come back to Dr. B from Reprosource? Did you have to do any treatment after that before you could start a protocol? Just trying to get a ballpark on timelines after that 5-6 week wait for initial test results. Thanks so much for any information you feel comfortable sharing.

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