FET Audience

Since we have 4 frozen normal embryos, we are leaning towards attempting a frozen embryo transfer soon.  I don’t have much confidence that I can carry a baby to full-term, so I suspect the FET process is something I will not highlight online (at this blog, or on the various forums where I participate) at all.     It is very painful to lose a baby and I believe that hurt is amplified after IVF and the transfer of a PGS normal embryo.

I know this blog is a resource for so many women looking for answers, so please try to understand It was painfully hard for me lose my baby in front of a virtual audience in 2012. I will however, list the proposed immune protocol from my doctors when it is finalized.

1 thought on “FET Audience

  1. Sending you strength, hope, and calm… I say that becaues those are the things I would need desperately if I were to do another FET of one of our DE embryos – not the same but the devastation when our last one failed was goring in a way I had neither anticipated nor experienced with our prior losses, so I can imagine though not know of the pain of which you speak. I understand your reservation but I really hope that the miracle of two normal blasts carries forward and maybe, just maybe, life will surprise you with this FET. Keeping you in my prayers, my friend.

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