Proposed Immune Protocol for FET

Supplements (daily):
Vitamin E (400-600iu), Vitamin D (2000iu), Calcium (500mg twice a day), Fish Oil (1000mg), and Probiotics

FET Medications
Lupron 10 units
DelEstrogen Injections
Estrace Pills
Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate (100ml / 2m l)

Immune Medications
Baby aspirin
Prednisone 20-30mg
Lovenox (30mg 2x a day until first ANTI-Xa)

8 thoughts on “Proposed Immune Protocol for FET

  1. Have you been tested for an autoimmune response to progesterone? It is very rare but turns out I had it ( dermatologist found it go figure) and that is what was causing the early miscarriages ( once the clotting disorder was taken care of with lovenox)….I’d look into it.

    • I am.. not sure. I did testing with Dr. Braverman and I would need to look back. It was within 2 weeks of miscarriage and the progesterone had to be moving out of my system pretty rapidly. p.s. How ARE you? Send me an e-mail please 🙂

    • My RE’s have always been fine using either or.. so I assume there isn’t much of a difference. This version has no oil.

    • My husband and I do have HLA matches, however both my hematologist and my RE are completely against Neupogen for me. One went as far as tho say they’d rather I use a gestational carrier than use Neupogen.

      • Hmm. That’s not good. Is it because of the risks of neupogen generally in pregnancy or in light of specific circumstances in your case?

        Aside from my protocol/drug queries, please know I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I truly hope a miracle happens here for you.

  2. I will be doing an FET probably in September 🙂 I had to freeze all my embies because of high estrogen levels. I am hoping all five of my embies make it to day 5 (tomorrow).

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