With a Clearer Mind

Adios insomnia and stomach acid. It’s amazing what a (temporary) drop in my prednisone dosage, as well as some Ambien and Zantac can do for a girl. Edited to add: The stomach acid has returned. Meh.

Right now I am in a waiting period.

On CD3, my estrogen was 237, when it should be below 50. WTF? My doctor believes my body is “metabolizing estradiol slowly post-FET.” Hey, ya think? I have the option to take Provera, but I think prefer to let my body get back to “normal” on it’s own before we try another FET.

And of course now we have to start to plan around holiday lab closures.

I’ve also been in communication with Dr. Braverman’s financial team, as I have an interest in his embryologist (who is supposed to be brilliant with MFI) and a possible hail mary egg retrieval with his practice. However the costs are looking to be fairly prohibitive. Dr. Braverman’s policy is that you must pay out of pocket for things that my insurance will cover due to MFI, like ICSI and CCS biopsies. It looks like ICSI is covered by insurance, so we made a appointment to chat with Dr. Braverman in November.

I think the way forward is a more natural FET and if that fails I will consider another egg retrieval. My RE and I discussed this plan and he told me I was a “tough cookie.” I told him I just had perspective and didn’t think whining and crying was going to get me a baby. But that is the subject for another post.

5 thoughts on “With a Clearer Mind

  1. I just had a failed FET a few weeks ago. My estrogen was really high, like 3,000. My dr. thinks that may have been the cause of the failure. So next time they are watching my e2 levels more closely (wish they had done that before). I transfered two blasts,one expanding, one early blast. Those were my two best. I have two left, both lower grades but day 6. I am hoping one of them sticks because we can not afford another IVF. You can follow my blog here:

    Best of luck to you!

  2. I hate limbo. I really love the embryologist though we didn’t use him for our MFI just a transfer. I truly things keep moving in the right direction and this next FET brings you some hard-won success.

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but I have two questions:
    1- What is MFI?
    2- Do they monitor your hcg levels after determining they are not rising as expected for pregnancy?

    I am still following your journey & rooting for you and your husband.

  4. Sorry about failed cycle. It’s really unfair when you have normal embryos AND immune drugs and it still fails šŸ˜¦ I hope Dr. B has some new tricks up his sleeve!

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