Me:   39 years old. I have been diagnosed with restricted blood flow to the uterus and with the following clotting factors:

1- Hetero Prothrombin Gene Mutation (also referred to as G2021A and/or Factor II)
2- Lupus Anticoagulant
3- Hetero MTHFR
4- Wonky CardioLipin IGM Autoantibodies #’s, depending on the day and the lab
5- Wonky Protein S and C numbers, depending the day and the lab

The Hubs: 40 years old with male factor infertility, specifically 0-1% morphology and significant sperm DNA fragmentation.

Together: We have 6 HLA Matches. We are patients of SIRM NY, (formerly of RMA of NJ) and Dr. Braverman.

As of August 2014:   We have completed 8 cycles of IVF with CCS testing (timeline here) that resulted in 5 chromosomally normal blasts.  We transferred a 5BB male embryo in late June 2012.  I miscarried it in August 2012 at 8w5d. A 2014 Fall FET is forthcoming.

On Ice Currently:
1 Chromosomally Normal 5AB Female Embryo
1 Chromosomally Normal 4BC Female Embryo
1 Grade 2 Chromosomally Normal Girl
1 Grade 2 Chromosomally Normal Boy

note: SIRM NY does not use the standard grading system, hence the grade 2’s

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    • I had to pay, A LOT, for the PGD and freezing package. By “grandfathered” I mean, we did not know we had a significant problem till after the results of our first IVF, so they allowed me to join the banking program after that.

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