What I Ate Thursday

BreakfestThe continuing and riveting review of what I eat on an anti-inflammatory diet. Today I got a late start, so my first meal was a big one, and then I had a snacky lunch:

4 Egg white omelet (cooked in olive oil) w/ spinach and 1oz smoked salmon
2 Pieces Udi’s GF bread with Earth Balance GF/DF butter
Half-caff espresso with 2T half and half (complete fail here)

Cubed pineapple
That’s It Apple + Strawberry fruit bar
Guacamole and GF blue corn tortilla chips

Pan Roasted Salmon with Sweet Corn and Fava Bean w/ Fresh Dill Sauté and Braised Beluga Lentils (jury is still out as to whether I will skip the corn in this meal)

Whole Foods Cape Cod nut mix (almonds, cashews, and dried cranberries)

Newsflash: Life is Unfair.

I have debated posting this, but after some thought, I think there are some important lessons to learn here, so while this is now live to my readers, I am not posting for pity and the comments on this post have been turned off. Life is unfair, and one thing I am not, is a whiner.  There are worse things to suffer from than this, and I remind myself of that often.

Recently, we transferred a hatching, CCS normal embryo and the cycle resulted in no pregnancy.   There was a significant immune protocol in place and my lining was at 11 and it was triple-striped.   I did acupuncture and followed an anti-inflammatory diet too. The lesson:  even the most perfect of circumstances can result in a BFN.  Another lesson: Just because you have a chromosomally normal embryo doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a BFP.

I had a lot of symptoms leading up to my BFN, all of which can be contributed to the medications, especially the progesterone. That’s another good lesson:  those symptoms? They are from the medications.

My next FET is already scheduled and we will be following a more natural FET protocol vs. what we did recently, a more medicated FET. If this cycle results in another BFN, I will immediately start IVF#9 and do another retrieval.

What I Ate Today (and this week)

Blue Apron Furikake-Topped Salmon with Fresh Edamame & Miso-Sesame Black Noodles

Tonight’s Dinner

I think this is probably the best way to illustrate how I am eating on my anti-inflammatory diet. While I am by no means perfect, I’ve been doing pretty well. For dinner, we tend to rotate between meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Plated and Homechef. I’ve been altering the meals as needed, but it has not been too hard. I was happy to learn that tonights dinner has gluten free, black rice noodles. This week for the evenings that we don’t have the prepped meals, we will making dairy free avocado pesto over gluten free pasta with rock shrimp and spring peas and then chicken curry over gluten free basmati rice. Many of the rices and quinoas I have found at Whole Foods are gluten free, so I eat them in moderation. My breakfasts are generally the same (egg whites, with our without GF toast and Applegate ham, and fruit), but I am going to making some gluten/dairy free breakfast bars for next week. I snack on fruit and GF peanut butter often. I eat carrots with dairy free hummus. I enjoy a variety of Larabars. I may put a post like this up every 10 days or so.

This is what I ate today:

Egg white omelet (cooked in olive oil) with onions, spinach and mushrooms
Cubed pineapple
Half-Caff Americano with coconut milk (sigh)

That’s It Apple + Mango Fruit Bar (I am addicted to these, and they are GF and dairy-free)

Chicken salad (with cranberries, almonds, & tarragon, made at home) on gluten free crackers

Blue corn chips (GF and GMO FREE) and guacamole

Blue Apron Furikake-Topped Salmon with Fresh Edamame & Miso-Sesame Black Noodles

Pumpkin Cranbery Crave: Trail Mix with Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Papaya, Raisins, Brazil Nuts, and Apples (from Nature Box, and a tad too sweet for me)

edited to add: this is not a sponsored post.

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Infertility

10259325_10152432689699602_7098055327429859716_nAs I gear up for a fall FET, I’ve been slowly working towards following an anti-inflammatory diet. I came to this decision after talking to Dr. Braverman, researching on the internet, and discussing the inflammatory properties of food with the woman in my Reproductive Immunology Support group.

The stress of inflammation has been linked to several infertility diagnosis including PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage, poor sperm and egg quality.

The following are things I have been limiting or eliminating from my diet:

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame is evil)

Keep in mind a few things:
1- I am not a doctor
2- Prior to this I generally stuck to mostly organic foods and tried to limit the consumption of GMOs

As a NYC girl whose adores espresso, bourbon (generally not together) and restaurant hopping around the city, this has been quite an adjustment for me. I have no problem giving up gluten, I have done it in the past and I am comfortable creating meals and snacks that work for a gluten limited diet. Having said this, I was tested for celiacs and I do not have it, so my goal is to cook and snack as gluten free as possible, but I will not beat myself up for cross contamination or the occasional mistake.

Saying goodbye to coffee and dairy has been an absolute fight. I love coffee with cream. Not for the caffeine, I’ve learned, but I love the flavor and ritual of coffee. I’ve been working towards drinking decaffeinated coffee (Nespresso or Starbucks) with coconut milk. However, the RI group informed me that even decaffeinated coffee is bad for blood flow issues (one of my problems). Tell me I have to give up cheese for a year and I think OK that’s doable, but take away my coffee and I spiral down in panic.

So what am I eating? That will be answered in the second part of this series of posts. Stay tuned.