Have Embryos, Will Travel

FrostiesYesterday we transported our embryos from RMA of NJ to SIRM NY.

It was not a quick process. The transfer paperwork and coordination took a few months to complete, then plans needed to be made to synchronize the 2 labs (and pickup/dropoff times), next we had to schedule the day off work, and last drive through the Lincoln Tunnel 4 times in a 6 hour period.  At the final leg, we handed our 2 hard-earned-over-6-fresh-cycles PGS normal embryos directly to the head of embryology at SIRM. Today, she e-mailed me to let me know they both made it safely.    I am so relieved to have that process behind us.

Yesterday I realized I was not happy (nor comfortable) setting foot on RMA of NJ property. It dawned on me that I am harboring quite a bit of anger towards the clinic in general as well as our former RMA doctor, Dr. Morris.

She dropped the ball and she gave up on us.  In fact, for the last year of our cycle she was on a hardcore, restricted calorie diet and became difficult and rude.     She stopped calling.  She stopped following up.   She passed too many important conversations off to our nurse. In fact, her last voice mail to me said “there is nothing else we can do for you.”  However, she would of allowed us to cycle on the same crappy protocol over and over, just taking our $$ and not making any changes.

I know RMA of NJ is ranked as one of the best clinics in the country.  But be aware, it comes at a price.  It’s such a large facility that you could complete multiple IVF cycles and never see your actual doctor.   I would recommend that if you are planning to cycle at RMA of NJ, that you choose these 2 founding doctors:  Dr. Scott or Dr. Bergh, or Dr. Kim.      Especially if you are a difficult case.   Keep in mind though, in the end, they wanted nothing to do with our difficult case, well nothing but our money.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow after 6 IVFs, a failed FET of a PGS normal that I miscarried 9 weeks, and the donation of our entire savings.

FET Audience

Since we have 4 frozen normal embryos, we are leaning towards attempting a frozen embryo transfer soon.  I don’t have much confidence that I can carry a baby to full-term, so I suspect the FET process is something I will not highlight online (at this blog, or on the various forums where I participate) at all.     It is very painful to lose a baby and I believe that hurt is amplified after IVF and the transfer of a PGS normal embryo.

I know this blog is a resource for so many women looking for answers, so please try to understand It was painfully hard for me lose my baby in front of a virtual audience in 2012. I will however, list the proposed immune protocol from my doctors when it is finalized.

Professional IVF-er?

Am I a professional IVF-er?

I don’t know.  But it’s true that IVF cycles are certainly old hat for me now.    I see women embarking on their first IVF cycles, and I remember those times.    I was very naive then.

And in 2014, I will have three cycles under my belt before the end of July   This is the most I have ever completed in 1 year, let alone a 7 month period.

I guess you could say it’s go-time.   We are full speed ahead, because we are gearing up to stop.   I will not cycle in 2015.

My husband and I don’t discuss the details of our infertility journey with many people, however the handful that do know have complimented my tenacity and my sacrifice.  So I guess there is that to say about being a professional IVF-er.  I have demonstrated that I am tenacious and willing to sacrifice.

I will say this, 8IVFs (with 0 living babies) doesn’t feel like something to be proud of.


The Cycle That Wasn’t

I had 10-12 even follicles growing.  On a brand new protocol.  At a brand new clinic.   And they offered PICSI.      I did 30+ days of shots.    I spent months prepping.

And… I ovulated early. Before egg retrieval.  I was told there is a 1% chance of this.   I cannot catch a break.

They found 3 eggs in the smaller follicles, and only 2 were mature.    I missed that phone call Saturday AM, as I was sleeping.     I did not talk to the nurse till Sunday (mother’s day) and she was fairly snotty to me.   She had no idea I ovulated early.  She knew nothing of my history.   I’ve had 3/7 IVF cycles that yielded zero embryos.    Is it so hard to know your audience?