A baby or a house?

A little background.

In 2009, I (today, age 36) was diagnosed with multiple clotting disorders:  MTHFR, the Prothrombin Gene Mutation, and the Lupus Anticoagulant.  I also have a few other #’s that aren’t fantastic, such as a high count of CardioLipin IGM Autoantibodies and a slight Protein S Dificiency.

In 2011 my husband (today, age 38),  was diagnosed with male factor infertility, specifically 1% morphology.

In July 2011, I had an early miscarriage.  And then a Saline Sonogram.  Both sucked.

In October 2011, we are scheduled for IVF with ICSI and PGD.  It will be an antagonist protocol, with Lovenox, but no Lupron or birth control.

And that picture above?  Those are my meds for the October IVF.    They just arrived.  I almost vomitted:  at the sheer amount of medications, but mainly at the overall cost.