Holy Crap!

Today, we froze 2 additional blasts.

I attribute this outcome to the protocol change, the addition of PICSI, and just dumb luck.

Sure the embryos aren’t PGS tested yet, but this a significant win for us.


Just got a call from my doctor.  All of our embryos died overnight.   Our WTF appointment is tomorrow at 9:15am.

Disco Balls, Barry White, and Dildos

There was a lot of humor at this mornings monitoring appointment, which is a good thing.  Always.   Both my husband and my doctor were laughing loudly.  I, on the other hand, was struggling with my chuckles while fielding the dildo cam in my nether regions.   Good times. There was an entire conversation about how the ultrasound room would benefit from a disco ball and Barry White music.  In the car after, we discussed gifting our doctor both of those items as a holiday gift.  We will probably do it.

My ER is a go for tomorrow at 10:30am.  My doctor felt we could get 5-8 eggs, so hopefully this 4 number I heard the other day is a buncha nonsense.   I honestly don’t care about the quantity just please, please, please Universe, God, Mother Nature, Baby Jesus, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey etc can we get a few more blasts this time?