Off with my head

I’ve been fighting a significant headache since 11am, and the 5 Tylonol I took (spaced out over 12 hours) didn’t even touch it.  I napped for about 1.5 hours at 4:30 and thought I got rid of it, but it returned with a vengence 2 hours later. Hell, they have me on Medrol, Lovenox, Endometrin, and Doxcycline now.   I wonder if Endometrin is the culprit?  Or perhaps its my body coming down from the hormones and the decrease in estrogen?

If there is one thing I learned about the IVF process is that my body is very sensitive to medications. 

We’ve received no updates about our 9 embryos.   They told us if things were going OK, we would not get a report till day 5.  I am hoping no news is good news.  However, I am stressing about their possible dwindling numbers.   If there are enough healthy day 5 embryos, (and I think to us that number is 5 or over), we will PGD them.  Anything less, and we enter the banking program and do a freeze all, and possibly another fresh cycle prior to 2012.   Aieee!

At this point, there is a very slim chance we will choose a day 6 fresh transfer.  In fact, we are discussing a late November, early December FET.  Of course the decision could be out of our hands, especially if my estrogen is too high, or my lining is too thin, or if the embryos need another day or two to develop.

Either way, we will have all these answers on Thursday.

IVF Antagonist Protocol

I want to post my IVF Protocol, because during my research phase, I scoured the web looking for these.

This is what I would refer to as a modfied Antagonist Protocol, as it has been tailored to my specifc issues.  The difference?  It includes Lovenox, and does not include birth control or estrace.

Lovenox (blood thinner)
Gonal F (follicle stimulating hormone)
Menopur (follicle stimulating hormone)
Ganirellix (to suppress the LH surge and ovulation until the follicles are mature)
Ovidrel (final maturing of eggs and trigger the release of mature eggs)

I am also taking:

Medrol (steroid used to increase the chance of implantation by altering the immune system slightly for a short period of time so that embryos are not rejected)
Doxycycline (antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection related to the egg retrieval)
Endometrin (progesterone suppsitory crucial for the development of a uterine lining that will support the early pregnancy)
Metrogel (for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of rosacea)