Bottomed Out

My doctor just called and the news was not good.  My estrogen has stalled at a low, low number.  I am are triggering tonight and we are expecting very few eggs.  Please kindly spare me the it only takes one comments.   I had 9 mature eggs last time that yielded exactly 0 embryos.

Edited to add: Even on the antagonist, my estrogen jumped 250 points over night. This is quite a relief. Sadly, my follicle count is still low (for me). This is an exhausting, unforgiving process.

Grow, dammit, grow.

My E2 levels climbed significantly between Saturday and Monday (today) so things are moving in the right direction.

Apparently there were some differing opinions at my clinic about whether I would trigger tonight or not, so they brought in one of the senior doctors to make the call (I wish I knew who, but I don’t). It was decided I would stim again tonight, because there are at a minimum of 3 more follicles that could make it to ER if we wait a night. I am 99% sure I will trigger tomorrow night with an ER of Thursday.

So 3 more days for these follies to grow.  Grow, dammit, grow.

All signs say I will not get as many eggs from the MDL protocol as I did with the antagonist, so the question is really about quality. Will this cycle get me a few more blasts? 


Today’s ultrasound showed 9 mature follicles so I was instructed to trigger with 2 Ovidrel injections at 10PM.  I hope some of the straggler follicles catch up before my egg retrieval at Saturday AM.

I am trying to remain positive.  However this doesn’t look good for PGD. These numbers put is in the zone of a freeze all cycle, with another fresh cycle at a later date.  There will be a lot of decisions to make on Sunday.

I am relieved that all the shots are completed though.   Of course, Endometrin is coming.

Tracking IVF #1

There’s been no serious discussion on how long I will stim for. However,  I am trying to get a general idea (below) of when my embryo retrieval could be.   Today is day 5 of stims.  I go for my second ultrasound tomorrow.  The results of Saturday’s ultrasound and bloodwork (after 3 days of stims) were better than expected.   It’s obvious my “old” ovaries are surprising my doctors at every turn.  My E2 went from 43 to 178, and I had 4 small follicles on the left and 7 on the right (with 2 dominant ones at 11 and 12).

Unfortunately, the stims are making me very lightheaded.  Although, my doctor did not feel this was normal, the Gonal F website lists it as a possible side effect, so who knows.   What I do know is that they are knocking me on my butt.

Wednesday, 9/28 Day 1 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
AFC: 3 on the left, 7 on the right / E2: 48
Thursday, 9/29 Day 2 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Friday, 9/30 Day 3 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Saturday, 10/1 Day 4 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
4 Follicles on the Left, 7 on the Right (2 @ 11mm)
E2: 178
Sunday, 10/2 Day 5 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F
Monday, 10/3 Day 6 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
8 Follicles on the Left (2 @ 10/11mm, 6 below 10mm)
12 on the Right (3 @ 15mm, 2 @ 13mm, 7 below 10mm)
E2: ? / Lining: 10.10
Tuesday, 10/4 Day 7 of Stims, 75IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
Wednesday, 10/5 Day 8 of Stims, 150IU Menopur, 300IU Gonal-F, Ganirelix
4 Follicles on the Left (2 @ 11-12mm, 2 below 10mm)
10ish on the Right (1 @ 18mm, 1 @ 17mm, 4 @ 15-16mm,
3 @ 13 and a few below 10mm)
E2: 752 / Lining: ?
Thursday, 10/6 Ovidrel Trigger Shot @ 10PM
9 Mature Follicles Today
E2:  1001
Saturday, 10/8 Day 11:  13 Mature Eggs Retrieved, 9 Fertilized with ICSI
1 Chromosomally Normal, 5AB Blast on Day 6

IVF Antagonist Protocol

I want to post my IVF Protocol, because during my research phase, I scoured the web looking for these.

This is what I would refer to as a modfied Antagonist Protocol, as it has been tailored to my specifc issues.  The difference?  It includes Lovenox, and does not include birth control or estrace.

Lovenox (blood thinner)
Gonal F (follicle stimulating hormone)
Menopur (follicle stimulating hormone)
Ganirellix (to suppress the LH surge and ovulation until the follicles are mature)
Ovidrel (final maturing of eggs and trigger the release of mature eggs)

I am also taking:

Medrol (steroid used to increase the chance of implantation by altering the immune system slightly for a short period of time so that embryos are not rejected)
Doxycycline (antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection related to the egg retrieval)
Endometrin (progesterone suppsitory crucial for the development of a uterine lining that will support the early pregnancy)
Metrogel (for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of rosacea)