Our two embryos are chromosomally normal. One boy. One girl.

This happened to us? Are you sure this isn’t someone else’s reality? I mean, I was on the calendar at my clinic to start cycle #9 on 8/18.

My overwhelming reaction was just relief. Relief that I do not have to endure any more IVF cycles. Relief that we can actually create blasts. Relief that we can actually create blasts with normal chromosomes.

I guess now we need to plan Next Steps[tm]. However, there is also some relief in knowing I don’t have to do that just yet.

PGS Gamble

Today, we made the decision to immediately PGS test our 2 recent embryos.

It was a gamble.

Unless this test returns 2 chromosomally normal embryos, the general consensus is we should do one last fresh cycle.

The end goal has always been 4 frozen, chromosomally normal embryos. 1 to risk with me, 2 for a gestational carrier, and 1 extra (just in case something doesn’t survive the thaw).

And let’s be honest, we’d like the chance of a baby boy in our future.

Statistically, we have 50% chance of getting 1 normal embryo. But we could get 2 bad ones, or 2 good ones.

It would of been cheaper to PGS test embryos from 2 IVF cycles that were batched, so this could backfire.