Since my last post, we pushed our next (and last) IVF to October. To be honest, we are both still struggling (when does it get better?). We’ve lost confidence in ever seeing success. But, we are also enjoying life without IVF treatments. Without constant injections. Without the side effects. And without the fresh failures. In truth, we’ve been out of the IVF mindfuck for the past 8 months.

That was until yesterday, when we learned our insurance may change drastically in September. So now the question is, do we cycle with our current clinic in July or roll the dice and see if somehow our new insurance will allow us to cycle with Dr. Braverman.

Either way, this does mean that we need to get back to the supplements. And back to the acupuncture. The thought of going through all of it again with 0 success is just gut wrenching.